Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Love Lomography

Lomography - toy cameras - life through a plastic lens!
I have a fisheye camera, and it is tons of fun. Maybe 1 in 10 pictures I take is any good, but those ones are totally worth it. It's cheaper than a wide angle lens, and the whole lomography format is more about having fun and spontaneity than professional photography anyway. It runs on standard film, or funky Lomography film.

Examine Invest in a Holga or a Fisheye. Hint: Urban Outfitters carry some Lomos if you have that store in your area!

You know what else I like? SELF PROMOTION! Here are some of my fisheye photos!

I have some of these, and some others at my Etsy store!

Here are some Deviant Art collections with lots of Fisheye and Lomography goodness to explore.
Firheruwen's Fisheye Photography - that's me!
Photos I collected
Lomography Club
Toy-Camera Club
Lomo Love Club.

Yay Lomography! Now I want to run down to Urban Outfitters and see if they have a new toy camera I want...

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  1. I've never even heard of this before. I must go explore some more. Thank you!