Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cute Purses on Etsy

I have too many. I rarely see one that I don't like, unless it's leather or really ugly. Purses are totally my favorite thing to shop for ever.

Another one of my favorite things is for shopping for everything and sell stuff I make.

Here are some freaking adorable purses that I am seriously considering blowing too much money on that I have recently found on Etsy! My purse obsession is moderated only by closet space. *sigh*

This purse is by squirrellicious. She is one of my favorite sellers. I bought a purse for a friend's birthday present from squirrellicious, but I don't think my friend even liked it that much! I should have kept it, it was super awesome.

These bow clutches are so. freaking. gorgeous. Just a little beyond my budget. This seller (DavieandChiyo) seems to have a ton of different colors and designs. I am just partial to black and bows!

More random purses I want - click to view Etsy listing!

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