Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Like Spoiling my Cats

I have one cat named Tesla, and a new kitty that we haven't named yet! I am terribly at naming pets, no lie, my parents are now stuck with cats named "Biffy" and "Skywalker" because of me. So I am not rushing, and waiting until the perfect name hits me for new kitty.

Spoiling cats is awesome! My boyfriend and I got the girls a fountain thing for their water that they love. What cat doesn't like running water better than still? The fountain we got is a Drinkwell and it's awesome. Just ask Tesla and new kitty.

They also have a cute fleece bed from MisAlaneousCreatures at Etsy which they both seem to enjoy. Here they are posing like cute kitties in the bed. Just not at the same time. New kitty is on the left. What should I call her?

I totally recommend MisAlaneousCreatures's cat beds. She even threw in a little hand-sewn cat toy that the girls adore! My girls' bed seems super well made and comfy. As we speak I am trying to catch new kitty sleeping in it, but every time I stand up, she sits up! Below are some more cat beds from MisAlaneousCreatures at Etsy.

Etsy also has a plethora of adorable cat toys that are probably at least as entertaining to humans as to kitties. Click the image to go to the listing!

So go, spoil your cat! Don't wait another second!

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