Sunday, November 1, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: SpiritofGiving

My Christmas shopping has begun! My nieces are receiving adorable monogrammed, hooded towels, among other things! On October 19th I purchased two custom hooded, monogrammed towels from They arrived on October 26th. For a note about my scoring, go to this post.

Really flawless. The stitching seems to be perfect, the flowers sturdy and secure... Really excellent embroidery and sewing!!

So cute! Hooded and monogrammed towels are not the most original idea, but SpiritofGiving carries it out really well with loads of options for ribbon, embellishment, thread and towel colors. The ones I actually bought are shown in a different listing, here, saying my nieces names. <3

Two towels with flowers, shipping and everything came to about $64 dollars. I think this is very reasonable for the time and materials. The embroidery alone would cost a good chunk of that price at many stores!

Delivery Speed:
About a week including the time spent making the towels cannot be beat!

Wrapped in ribbon and stuffed into a (very full) box. They were a little squished, but given that they are towels that doesn't strike me as much as a problem!

Overall: I totally recommend SpiritofGiving for your custom towel, baby towels and other related items. She does awesome customization, has great communication and many options for whatever you can think up!

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