Saturday, October 31, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: Experience

For a note about my scoring, go to this post.

I bought silver star dangle earrings and a starry night necklace from Experience.Etsy.Com on October 24th. They arrived on the 28th.

I can barely comment on this since I don't know much about resin molding! They seem sturdy and well made. The back-edges are a little rough, and on the earrings a couple stars are protruding from the resin.

Ubercreative! The clever shapes and star layout are very unusual! I got a ton of compliments when I wore the earrings to work Thursday XD

Very reasonable, came to $19 for both items and shipping.

Delivery Speed:
Nothing wrong with that! Four days is about the minimum time a person could expect!

A sturdy envelope with individual plastic sacks. Nothing wrong with the shipping method!

Overall: I totally recommend Experience.Etsy.Com for your random, fun and unique jewelry needs!

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