Monday, October 5, 2009

A Shark Sanctuary!

A little tiny island country in the pacific ocean has banned commercial fishing around its shores. Palau is protecting over 130 shark and ray species. Does America have a shark sanctuary? Does Australia? Or China or any other major country? Noooo! Palau did, with an economy based partially ON fishing and a GDP of $192 million! (For reference, the US State with the smallest economy, Vermont, has a GDP over 100 times that!! Palau doesn't really have the resources to police the fishing ban, what with one boat. This Blog talks about Palau's shark sanctuary some. And here is a neat article about it. I am just so pleased that this is happening. This wonderful little country setting an example for us big, fat, complacent countries. I was hoping to find a reliable link to somewhere to donate for the Palau shark sanctuary cause, but am failing utterly. Here are some cute Etsy shark things instead. Click the links to go to the listings!

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