Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I LOVE the new Powerman 5000 Album!

My all time favorite band ever, Powerman 5000, released a brand new album today called "Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere" and it's very awesome. If you liked their last couple CDs, but thought the lyrics were just a little too subtle, you will love this one.

As always, they have lyrics made of cheese over seriously badass music with intros and interludes from what sound like obscure science fiction movies. They seem to be rapidly homing in on their successful formula. Maybe now we won't get anymore crap like "Car Crash" and we will get more awesomeness.

What I never really registered before this CD was their penchant for incredibly awkward rhyming. Certain phrases make me cringe hard. "You're dressing all in black/ from your front to your back"? Really?

They do have some hilariously memorable phrases as is their custom.
"Break down, this is it, Rockin like a terrorist" Not subtle there, although I am unsure just how terrorists rock.
"You're a killer of culture, a vulture of style." If I needed a new screenname I would be registering VultureOfStyle on every website I frequent.
Also, "Technology Eats it's Young" might be the best phrase I have ever heard.

It's awesome, that is all. Go buy it!

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