Sunday, August 23, 2009

Luxury Pet Furniture That I Wish I Could Afford

I really, really want to find the perfect cat bed for my little princesses. They love their bed, and take turns in it, but that's only one bed and two cats! What I want now is one of those fancy couch/chair cat beds, a little throne or something. Preferably pink. I just stumbled across CatandDogLuxuryBeds which has freaking gorgeous beds. As much as I love spoiling my pets, I cannot justify spending that much personally right now. But maybe you can! Or at least admire them! Soooo pretty... I have this fantasy where my cats sit all pretty in them in front of the window with the ideal natural light and let me take beautiful pictures of them. Yeah, right. But here is the beautiful furniture!


  1. There's no use in buying cat furniture for cats imo because they'll sleep whereever they want!

  2. It's true! It's more for me, I like aesthetic things for my kitties to sleep in!