Thursday, August 27, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: WhimsyPapers

I bought a set of address labels from on August 2nd, 2009. They arrived today and they are super cute, just as advertised! For an explanation of my scoring system, go to this post

The stickers were just fine, and exactly what was offered. The only reason I am not giving more paw prints is the materials chosen. More ambitious materials over home printer label paper might be an improvement.

Very cute! I love the little bird drawing, the stitched look too it and the font. Really cute, that's why I chose it!

The price was over $12 for 2 sheets including shipping which seems slightly high for the item, but not inordinately so! (Obviously, since I bought it!) She also threw in a bonus sheet, apparently imperfect but I can't find the flaw!

Delivery Speed:
Zoom! Super fast! 5 days including a Sunday, and they were custom made too! Really extra speedy!

In a tight, firm cardboard folder/envelope, completely protected by plastic wrap. It would take some serious post office effort to harm my address labels!

Overall: Superawesome! I highly recommend and would definitely buy from this seller in the future!

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