Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Scrappiest Sketch 134 - August Scrapbook layout

This is my attempt at The Scrappiest sketch 134. Holy balls, this took me forever. It turned out to be a much more ambitious layout than I usually do, with the stitching and ribbon flowers and distressing. That stuff is labor intensive!

The photos are from my recent trip to see my brother, mom and nieces when we went hiking. My nieces are ridiculously cute! In addition to supplies purchased at the normal craft store, I used wood buttons and text tape from Etsy. Yay for handmade scrapbooking supplies!

The flowers were challenging, I've never attempted ribbon flowers before. I have seen better! I am really happy with how the collage hearts turned out though, particularly with the stitching. Even if it took forever.

It's weird, I haven't felt like scrapbooking or crafts generally much lately. I think it's mostly a bit of depression, my fiance's deployment is making me a little lonelyer than normal. I guess my art is not inspired by sadness!

As always, comments and suggestions on my amateur scrapbooking are hugely appreciated!!

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