Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding favors!!

I should be doing homework but am instead making a wedding favor treasury on Etsy. I really like the idea of the birdseed things. Hearts or our initials would be really cool and super appropriate if we went with the owl theme. Candy is also an idea I am thinking about since it's delicious, expendable and gender neutral!

Anyone have any cool ideas for wedding favors? Does anyone sell them personally? I really want to do something clever, unusual and affordable for my wedding favors. DIY would be ideal I guess.

Check out my full treasury here or look at the links to these Etsians' shops below the pictures.

1. Birdseed hearts: naturefavors
2. Candy buttons: andiespecialtysweets
3. Cake pops: cocoaconfections
4. Tiny plants: sosucculent

And now I really am going to do my homework!

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