Sunday, May 22, 2011

8 things not to do at the gym

I have been working out a lot lately, and it has brought to my attention all kinds of rude behaviors people engage in at the gym. I think a rant is in order! To mitigate the harshness of the rant, it will be illustrated with pretty Etsy things. Yay. So. 8 things not to do at the gym.

1. Talk in an excessively loud voice. People around you don't want to hear about your stupid dinner or your date tonight or ANYTHING. It's super obnoxious. Bonus points if it's also crude or derogatory or offensive.

2. Puppy guard more equipment than strictly necessary. At any gym I've ever been to there is a limited amount of equipment and space. It's incredibly selfish to hoard a bunch of weights, mats, balls, whatever just so you can do your stupid power sets without having to wait or walk at all. Share!

3. Grunting. Just like No. 1 except it's also really gross. :(

4. Leering at the sexy exercisers. I always see creepy men just standing (or worse, sitting on equipment without using it) and watching girls do yoga or whatever. It's so perverse and sleazy!

5. Talking on your cell phone. It's like No. 1, but louder! Take it outside or wait until you are done. No one wants to hear about it.

6. Hanging out naked in the locker room. Maybe it's a fat older lady thing, but there is always someone just chilling naked in the locker room making me uncomfortable. It's one thing to change; that's what they're for; it's another to just sit there reading, doing makeup, talking butt ass naked! NOT COOL!

7. Sitting on exercise machines you aren't actually using. Everyone pauses between sets. That's no problem. It's when someone is camping out on a popular machine for a long time with no sets occurring that I get annoyed. Inevitably, this gym sin is combined with No. 1, 4 or 5.

8. Personal space invasion. This applies mostly to the locker room and group fitness situations. Invariably I give myself plenty of room in yoga class and at the last minute someone comes and sets up right next to me! The space invaders normal also engage in grunting. Yuck.

End of rant. For now. What have I left out? Do you notice other things that annoy you? Are you guilty of any of my gym sins? Am I being too hard on people? LOL!


  1. I actually got sick of paying for a gym membership and dealing with all the things you mentioned, so I think you're spot on!

    Personal training is really the only thing you can't get outside of the gym environment(for a reasonable price anyway!)

  2. Yeah... The gym is really convenient in spite of all of its issues. Even if I had an exercise bike at home or even weights I doubt I would be as motivated as when I'm at the gym!

  3. The motivation's definitely important. I imagine for some people, when someone denies you an exercise machine, it makes you wanna exercise THAT MUCH MORE.

  4. hahaha yeah it's like you know it's awesome if it's too popular for you to get to! Some douche was sitting there texting on the one machine I had to have tonight. It made me rage. RAGE!