Monday, May 30, 2011

May Scrapbook Layout

This is my page-a-month layout for May 2011. It is of my fiance and I's adventures at the Phoenix Comicon. It was the first day my fiance was back on leave from his deployment too.

My favorite part of the comicon was seeing the author Max Brooks. I got a photo with him (above) and had him sign my book. He signed it "Mark Twain can suck it" after I told him he was my favorite author! Hence the quote. We also got lots of photos of us with various people in epic Star Wars costumes and stuff like that. Sadly few pictures of us together though. My fiance hates letting strangers hold his camera to take photos of us, so it was pretty much just one of us in all of them.

I tried this layout based on a really cool layout I was inspired by and made it a little simpler and more comic-y. Still pretty ambitious for me and scrapbooking! LOL! I feel like the squares should be more involved, but I wasn't sure what else to do with them. Also, extreme glitter paper sucks to photograph!

Ideas/ comments/ suggestions would be appreciated x1,000,000!!

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