Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blythnesday No. 1

Wednesdays are now officially for Blythe at Things That I Like! I ordered some new Blythe clothes in the last several days, but none has arrived yet. Which sucks, because I am really bored of the default clothes. I have so many awesome ideas for photos to take once her new clothes get here!!

Also, my fiance bought a 3D printer recently. Once he gets it configured and we learn how to use it I hope to make neat plastic Blythe stuff with it to maybe even sell on Etsy. Wouldn't that be cool? In the meantime, cute things via Etsy:

Any Blythe enthusiasts have good ideas on where to buy new Blythe clothes? Or good communities to look at pretty Blythe pictures and share ideas? I am new at this, and am struggling to find good Blythe internet places.

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