Sunday, March 20, 2011

February's Scrapbook Layout, etc.

Last night and this morning I worked on February's scrapbook layout. I try to do a page a month, with memorable things happening in my life (I am enough of a dork to have included jury duty for last January's layout...). When I don't do anything worth commemorating or don't have good enough photos I typically just make a layout with pictures of my fur-babies.

In this layout I used a paper from a cats themed 8x8 stack from TPC Studio. So cute! The big problem here was that I didn't have on-hand any 12x12 paper that totally matched the cat papers. I like the way the grungy, stripey bit looks but I probably should have done something different on the orange on the outside. The different tone makes it look a little off. But I am fairly happy with it, I guess. Aren't my cats adorable? I never get tired of looking at their adorableness!

Also, I went to my favorite bead store in Tempe yesterday, and hit it like the hammer of an angry god. I did a lot of damage even though most of the store was 40% off AND I had a $20 for $10 groupon. Check out my haul:

These will start appearing at my Etsy shop in jewelry soon. I also got some beads for a Pandora knock-off bracelet for myself. Even the knock-off Pandora style beads are expensive, wtf?


  1. They are absolutely adorable ! I think I have a photo of Bun Bun looking exactly like Tesia - right down to the pink collar.

  2. Thanks! It's so hard to photograph black cats lol!