Thursday, March 17, 2011

December Scrapbook Layout

I think I ought to start posting my scrabbook projects here! I have my Epic Scrapbook, to which I generally add a page month. It really focuses my creativity and shows the highlights of my life! This is December's page:

It's showing my fiance and I's trip to Pittsburgh for Christmas. It was so much fun! We spent a lot of time with his family, who are all awesome, and went to the National Aviary and the Carnegie museums. The photos got way dorkier after the one of my fiance making a face in front of the penguins. I am pretty sure I molested a statue lol! I learned that fashion in Pittsburgh is much simpler than in Arizona. Wear a Steelers sweatshirt and you are totally good to go!

I am super proud of the way this layout came out! It is straight in real life, I swear. I just cleverly photographed it on a bendy surface. I didn't use any particular kit or brand, just what I had laying around. I printed the pennants off my computer and glued them on. This was the first time I tried distressing the edges with ink! I used a cheap painting sponge and brushed a little ink on the edges of the white colored paper. I think it looks so cool!

I am a scrabooking newb, any comments or suggestions are hugely appreciated!


  1. Distressing rocks! and it's great when you can put together a great layout using all kinds of different goodies you have in your stash! You should play with us every month and post!

    Kate Blue (Paper Issues Team Paper)

  2. cool layout!!
    thanks for linking it up at Paper Issues!!

  3. Go steelers! Love your banner!
    Thanks for linking up at Paper Issues!