Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amazing Artist: Eric Skramstad

- - - UPDATE: the tattoo is finished! - - -

So my boyfriend is getting his crappy old tattoo covered over by an awesome new tattoo. It's a work in progress... the lines are done and so is some coloring but it is still far from complete. But it looks AMAZING. We are beyond thrilled with this tattoo artist, Eric Skramstad of Love and Hate Tattoo in Phoenix, Arizona. Here are some photos of my boyfriend's tattoo in progress:

The (crappy) original. It may or may not say "Paul" in Kanji, along with the Southern Cross constellation. He got it at the same tattoo parlor as I got my first tattoo in Australia. It was a pretty crappy job, as was mine.

The line-art. It's not the best photo, but you can see the incredible detail, precision and artistry with which it was inked. At this point, we were skeptical about Eric's ability to cover the old tattoo but we have since been convinced!

Here is this Monday's work! Eric started on the color portion and it looks way beyond amazing! It really does cover up the original. Now I want him to do a tattoo for me!

Also, Eric Skramstad has a website through which he sells his and other tattoo artists' paintings. It has some pretty cool examples of tattoo style art. Check out Some of Eric's art:

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