Thursday, May 13, 2010

Etsy Seller Review: HotPinkChick

Although I have been a busy little Etsy shopper lately, I haven't been motivated to write about it for a while. (Blame Swap Bot) But now I am motivated because HotPinkChick is so awesome in ever way!
For a note about my scoring, go to this post. On May 9th I ordered a hair comb and earrings from HotPinkChick. They either arrived on the 12th or 13th of May.

They seem very sturdy. Time will tell how well the glue and the pieces hold, but I am optimistic!

I think this seller does a great job with the style of her pieces. I don't know that it's the most original thing I have seen, but it's the best carried-out of this type of jewelery that I have encountered on Etsy.

A little on the high end for the materials maybe, but still reasonable and I happily paid it so I can't complain! No shipping charges either, which is always a nice touch.

Delivery Speed:
Very fast! Either 3 or 4 days. She did not waste any time at all, it would seem.

Sturdy bubble envelope. The items were enclosed in a nice, padded gift-box.

Super awesome! She even included a bonus decorated bobbie pin!


  1. That's good you had such a positive experience.I like the rating system you have there too.