Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Boyfriend is at Basic Training!

I don't normally post personal stuff here, but I thought I would this once. My boyfriend of almost two years left last week for basic training with the Army National Guard. This means I won't see him at all until he graduates in 9 weeks, and he won't be home until June when he completes his Advanced Individual Training. I have never had a long distance relationship before, and it isn't really an experience I am looking forward too!

Paul is trying to write me letter as often as possible, and asked me to post parts of them on a blog we created for that purpose: Paul's Army Blog, if anyone is interested in reading a day to day account of basic training in the US Army!


  1. Hello Emma,

    I am Bathina from Swap Boot and I´m following you now.

    My bf and I don´t see us every day, mostly every 2-3 weeks for a few days.
    And yes, it´s not always fine but at the most of the time I have silence for all my crafty project and for school :-)
    So try to enjoy this time for creative power!

    I love you necklaces , especially the green/grey one!

    XXX Dani

  2. Awwe, while it will be tough not seeing him, it will make your relationship stronger. Three of my best friends were in the army, one of them was also an army wife and was away from her husband almost 1 yeah and a half, while it was insanely hard on them... when he came back, they loved each other 10x more! Be strong babe!

    Dmitterhofer from Swap-bot
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    Following you :)

  3. Long distance relationships are hard but worth it in the end. Love your blog
    Liz @ Observations n Such ♥I want BLOGGER followers♥~ Swap

  4. I hope the 9 weeks speed by. You'll both get through,I'm sure.
    Hello to a fellow Deviant! Love the Etsy shop and the blog frame. Very fun.
    Pursehappygal from Swapbot
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