Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 things that make restaurants fail

I interrupt your normal programming to bring you this rant. Stay tuned for more Etsy soon!

These things restaurants do or don't do drive me crazy. None of them are that difficult, but they all get screwed up all the time! Whyyyyyy?? I tend to tip base my tipping along these points, as well as return visits, as I am sure many people do!

1. If I pay with my credit card, I want the check handed to me for signing. If I am eating with a man and I pay with my credit card, 9 times out of 10 the waiter or waitress hands the check directly to the man to sign. Apparently it doesn't occur to them that a woman is paying? It would take an instant to look at the credit card or receipt and speculate that with the name Emma, the woman at the table is the one paying. The 10% or so of times the waiter actually notices and hands me the card I typically double the tip I would have paid otherwise, it's that rare.

2. Have options for different diets. As a vegetarian, I want to see vegetarian meals. Not just some salads I can ask for the chicken to be left out of. Many restaurants seem to be oblivious to the fact that people want to eat vegetarian, lactose-free, kosher, gluten-free, whatever. I don't want to have to pester clueless waiters about what has meat, what meat can be removed from, etc. I want restaurants that have a little bit of variety for us weird eaters!

3. Bring a table's meals out at one time. It drives me insane when restaurants fail at this. Waiters frequently bring half the table's food at one time, and then the rest a while later. It's not that hard to time it and bring the dishes out at once! Denny's can do it, why can't nicer places?? If all the dishes are out and one person's is missing, something has probably gone wrong. Don't just walk away!

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