Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: TheArtfulFlamingo

Ok, first of all I love the shop/screen name TheArtfulFlamingo. Especially since the shop has several adorable flamingo items! On October 9th I bought an original water colored flamingo ACEO from her shop, which arrived today. Here is my full review. For an explanation of my ratings, go to this post.

Amazing work, especially considering it's an ACEO. Fine ink lines, lovely watercolor and carefully torn edges make for a fantastic card. The detail and aesthetics are stunning!

It might not be the most unusual design, but the layout and form are great. I think the torn edges are very creative too!

It was $10, including shipping. You can't really beat $10 for original art of any size! I think the price is very reasonable, especially for the quality.

Delivery Speed:
Fast! Less than a week, no problems there!

A really protective clear plastic cover and two envelopes... this baby wasn't going anywhere!

Overall: Obviously, I am a fan! I would definitely recommend this seller to anyone in the market for fantastic ACEOs, prints & cards.

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