Saturday, October 24, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: JennJohn

I purchased a black, white and silver purse from JennJohn on October 5th. It arrived yesterday, October 24th. For a note about my scoring, go to this post.

I don't know much about sewing, much less what goes into sewing purses, but I have been reading up on it! I think the interior lining would be better sewed down, and the zipper attachment seems a little awkward. Otherwise, it seems very sturdy and well made! I love the two large interior pockets. I would assume a lot of time went into sewing each of the patches together. I am not sure how I feel about the fabric with sparkly easter grass time tinsel hanging off... I am worried it will wear off and look strange, and it sort of dominates the design. Still lovely, and I will probably use it all the freaking time. It's definitely my current favorite, even more than my Betseyville purses!

Super creative! I haven't seen purses with this path design before, and the line between classy and tacky is fine. This one *obviously* falls cleanly on the classy side! The fabrics are of disparate patterns and textures but they really work well together. I suspect a lot of thought went into the selection of complementary fabrics.

It came to $51 with shipping. I think that is fairly reasonable for the time and materials! I think it will last me a good long while, if not, my opinion on the price may change!

Delivery Speed:
The item description said two weeks, it was several days over that. Not an inordinate amount of time, especially since it was made after purchase, but different from what the item description said.

A sturdy box with additional packing around the purse, with a very professional packing slip. No problems there!

Overall: I would definitely recommend JennJohn's purses! She has them is several colors and sizes, and I suspect they all rock as much as my new one does. I think if I were going to go back and buy again, I would request one without the tinsel fabric. I just can't get my head around that. But I freaking love my purse, and would definitely buy again!! OK, I probably *will* buy again since I am a purse addict.

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