Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: isotope

On October 9th I bought a purple Darwin's Finches T shirt from It arrived on or around October 20th. If you want an explanation for my scoring go to this post.

I like to think I know my screen-printing from having worked in a custom T shirt store in high school, and this seems like the good kind! The kind that won't crack or peel. The fine lines should also make the screen-print last longer. The shirt itself is from American Apparel. It seems a little thin. We'll see how it lasts!

Really clever design! I love the color choices and collage. A lovely tribute to evolution and Charles Darwin! The graphic design on this is just superb!!

$28 including shipping seems excessive for a T-shirt, but it was too awesome not to get!

Delivery Speed:
Plenty fast! It seems like about 10 days, not too shabby.

It came sort of rolled up in a shipping type envelope. It was fine, but it seems on the risky side.

Overall: I love my T shirt! I would definitely recommend this seller, they have some very clever T shirt designs, as I am showing you below. The shirts seem to run a little on the small size, at least my womens large is a little smaller than I would have expected.

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