Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daily Dose of Sexy: Sylar / Zachary Quinto

I thought I would share my latest fangirl obsession. I use the term latest loosely, because I have been over being fangirlish since High School until I started watching Heroes. I always like villains more than heroes. Maybe they are more interesting, they usually have complex motivations and are played by more attractive people. To defend my tastes here, Sylar is my favorite only in certain contexts. He just has so many personalities. I like semi-repentant Sylar, I don't like super evil Sylar, I like slightly confused and conflicted Sylar, but hate whiny Sylar. It's complicated. I won't even get into exactly how not attracted to Quinto as Spock I am! But please enjoy these pictures!

Anyone else want to spread the sexy and post their favorite images?


  1. Oh la la! I'm liking the first picture!

  2. i like heroes more.....but i guess sylar is ok...his eyebrows are super thick though!