Friday, September 11, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: TheNile

I ordered a Cleopatra necklace and bracelet from TheNile on August 23rd, for my Egyptian costume!

Both pieces, especially the bracelet seem very well made. We'll see how long they last now!

Not an overabundance of originality, but that's not really the point going for period costume accessories, either.

Very reasonably, even with shipping added on considering it was shipped around the world! The items themselves are extremely inexpensive.

Delivery Speed:
Freaking amazing. Arrived to Phoenix Arizona from Egypt in a little over a week! Dang!

Totally adequate, but not elaborate. Not pretty, but functional.

Overall I would recommend TheNile for your Egyptian accessory needs. My main issue with the whole experience was the Etsy shop advertising a "Free Special Egyptian Gift With Every Order Shipped" which turned out to be a postcard, somewhat worse for wear from shipping. A little misleading,

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