Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: RogueTheory

Remember the other day when I was posting about the adorable wallets of Etsy? I ended up buying one from RogueTheory. It's adorable. I am in love.

The wallet is clothe with tight stitching, hemming everywhere and many pockets. My only complaint would be the lack of rigidity. I think there must be some kind of cardboard or something inside, but it could stand to be a little harder. I also suspect it will get grubby quickly due to the type of clothe.

Super creative! The wallets came in various pattern/color combinations and I grabbed one with polka dots and stripes. The design is ingenious with new fewer than eight individual pockets! It is a really great design.

It came to $17 including shipping, not really a bargain but not painful either!

Delivery Speed:
Having trouble commenting on that since it could have come any time in the last week! I have been too busy at work to check the mail much, it was under a week, domestic, so that's good!

Bubble envelope, lots of paper packaging including several RogueTheory marketing items (business card, post card, wrapper strip...

I would definitely recommend RogueTheory. The item was creative, well made, well packaged and speedy!

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