Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Etsy Seller Review: FreyasFire

I bought three catnip pillows from FreyasFire on July 16th, 2009. My experience is on a scale of one to four paws as follows. Read about my scoring in general

The cat toys seem exceptionally well made. I am playing with one now, and it seems tightly stitched and sturdy. I expect the toys will take a lot of abuse from the kitties!

Not among the more creative cat toys on Etsy, one being a catnip pillow and the other being a elongated catnip pillow for kitty "kickboxing"

Medium for cat toys on Etsy, but for the quality I feel like the price is good.

Delivery Speed:
I received my package about 2 1/2 weeks after I ordered it, we appear to reside at opposite ends of the states. FreyasFire did contact me regarding the delay, and I do believe that the circumstances were unusual for the seller. Still, it was slow delivery especially for something already built.

Totally adequate, but not elaborate or anything. The items were not fragile so the packaging was minimal and sufficient.

Overall I would totally recommend FreyasFire to others and I would buy from her again. Her store currently features catnip toys and fused glass jewelry.

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