Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Like Moonlight Shadow

Moonlight Shadow: prettiest song ever. I loved it in high school and today.

I heard the Missing Heart version in about 2002 and I was in love. The song appealed to me from its rhythm and beat, and when I heard the lyrics it made me cry. It made me sit through anime music videos featuring clips from shows I had never seen. About vampire.

"He was shot six times by a man on the run
and she couldn't find how to push through"

Then I heard the original, Maggie Reilly and Mike Oldfield version. I hated it at first, but it grew on me. Now, I acknowledge that it exists and in its own way is acceptable.

"The trees that whisper in the evening
Carried away by a moonlight shadow
Sing a song of sorrow and grieving
Carried away by a moonlight shadow"

Then I heard the Groove Coverage version and my love was renewed! At least as pretty as the Missing Heart version. Groove Coverage has a number of awesome songs other than Moonlight Shadow. I highly recommend God is a Girl and Poison. Yay! Also, the GC music video made me cry my brains out. And still sort of does.

Go listen to pretty music!

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